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Sand filters


We offer reliable and low-maintenance natural quartz sand-filled sand filters made in Estonia for removing iron and manganese from drinking water.

During the water treatment process, the ammonium content in the water also decreases, as well as the turbidity and color of the water and the volatile gases contained in the raw water (hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, etc.).

Fully automatic devices are well suited for improving the quality of drinking water both in the public water supply of cities and settlements and in the wells of household consumers. The manufactured sand filters fully comply with the drinking water treatment standard “EVS 847-2: 2016. Plumbing. Part 2: Water treatment ”.

The paired pressure filters are flushed only with treated water and the entire washing process is visually observable. We also offer manually operated sand filters that are well suited for supplying smaller drinking consumers with clean drinking water. Based on the properties of a specific raw water, we also complete the sand filters with other equipment necessary for the treatment of drinking water, such as reverse osmosis equipment, water softeners, etc.

Why choose fully automatic paired pressure filters?

Because it is difficult to find another equivalent water treatment device in terms of reliability and efficiency. This is confirmed by 18 years of experience and customer satisfaction. Unlike many other filters offered in Estonia, the paired pressure filters fully comply with the drinking water treatment standard “EVS 847-2: 2016. Plumbing. Part 2: Water treatment ”.


Fully automatic paired pressure filters can be characterized as follows:

• Compact, strong and corrosion-resistant construction

• Fully automatic water treatment process

• High reliability, low maintenance and low operating costs

• Water treatment is environmentally and user-friendly, without the use of chemical reagents

• Filters are flushed only with purified water, not raw water, as with most single pressure filters, as this ensures a long service life and trouble-free operation of the filter.

• No need for a wash water collection tank and wash pump

• Clean water continues to be supplied to the water supply during filter cleaning

• The high oxygen content of the treated water gives the water a fresh taste and helps to inhibit corrosion in the water network of the settlement.


The oil-free compressor supplied with the pressure filter provides compressed air to the raw water for both water aeration and operation of the pneumatically operated rotary valves of the filters. For larger filters, also for air-water washing. Pair pressure filters are washed only with purified water.

The experience of operating fully automatic pair pressure filters installed by us so far has shown that the iron and manganese content of treated water, as well as other quality indicators affecting the organoleptic properties of water and characterizing general pollution meet the requirements established for drinking water in Estonia.

Due to the intensive aeration, the water supplied to the water network is sufficiently dissolved in oxygen, which gives the water a fresh and pleasant taste.
The high oxygen content of water (O2> 3.0 mg / l) creates preconditions for the elimination of undesirable anaerobic environment in water pipelines and for the inhibition of corrosion in the water network.

To offer a price for a drinking water treatment plant, you need to know:
• Borehole pump capacity (raw water flow rate), l / min or m3 / hour (measured with a water meter at the wellbore head, while the deepwater pump is running)

• Water consumption data (max. M3 / hour, m3 / day or m3 / month)

• Data of chemical analysis of groundwater pumped from a borehole "Table of drinking water quality indicators"

• After water treatment, is the water routed directly through the hydrophore to the water network or collected in a clean water tank?

In order to buy the right sand filter you can book a free consultation with our specialist.

Accessories for sand filters
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