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Water softener

In Estonia, groundwater from boreholes is mostly used as drinking water. Our soil is fine and it follows that the resulting water has a fairly high hardness. Water hardness is caused by the calcium and magnesium in the water. The fact that water is hard we notice in our household in all kinds of household appliances where water is heated. For example, water kettles, coffee machines, washing machines and boilers. There, the hardness of the water causes limescale on the heaters.

However, water hardness does not always have to be bad. For example, hard water is recommended for use as drinking water because it contains substances necessary for living organisms. Soft water, on the other hand, is more suitable for heating and steaming but less suitable for drinking because it contains few minerals.

Water softeners are mechanical devices. They are connected to the household water system. They are usually located on the water system coming from the borehole, in addition to sand filters . The working principle of water softeners is the exchange of minerals for another substance. This is usually sodium. The process that takes place there is called ion exchange.

The water softener consists of a salt tank and a cylinder filled with small polystyrene flakes, known as resin.


In order to improve the quality of your drinking water, it is necessary to perform a water analysis, which is the basis for Veetehnoloogia OÜ to select a water softener suitable for your household.

To offer a price for a drinking water treatment plant, you need to know:
• Borehole pump capacity (raw water flow rate), l / min or m3 / hour (measured with a water meter at the wellbore head, while the deepwater pump is running)

• Water consumption data (max. M3 / hour, m3 / day or m3 / month)

• Data of chemical analysis of groundwater pumped from a borehole "Table of drinking water quality indicators"

• After water treatment, is the water directed directly through the hydrophore into the water network or collected in a clean water tank?

In order to buy the right water softener you can book a free consultation with our specialist.

Water softener accessories
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