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2.7-liter mineral water jug with filter - ask for an offer

Ask for an offer!

Thanks to Best Water Technology's patented Mg2 + technology, the BWT mineral water jug is the first and only filter jug that not only filters tap water, but also mineralizes it with magnesium. Attractively and ergonomically designed, our 2.7-liter jug has a modern, fresh and striking look that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Removes heavy metals, chlorine and lime from poured tap water. Adds magnesium cations to the water.


We highlight the best features:

◾ Safe to wash in the dishwasher (except for the lid containing the electronics).

◾ Easy-to-control electronic indicator - a reminder of when to change the filter is displayed on the screen. It is possible to calculate the exchange according to time and amount of water - liters.

◾ Easy to install - fits beautifully on most refrigerator door shelves.

◾ Easy to refill - effortless, splash-free refilling without the need to remove the lid.

◾ Fill and pour - thanks to the tight lid seal, you can use the first glass of water supplemented with magnesium almost immediately after filling.


The white jug is sold with one filter


Technical information

Lid and handle : Plastic

Type of jug and funnel : SAN

Fits BWT LONGLIFE Mg2 + cartridge

Cartridge life : 28 days or 120 liters

Dimensions : 264 x 114 x 287 mm

Total volume : 2.7L

Volume of filtered water : 1.5 liters

Product weight : including cartridge with 0.88 Kg +/- 0.2 Kg

2.7-liter mineral water jug with filter - ask for an offer

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