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Mg2 + Longlife filter (3pcs) - ask for an offer

Ask for an offer!

The BWT product range includes a selection of cartridge standard parts from filtration systems with a jug filter capacity of up to 120 liters.

The refill cartridges come with three refill bags - perfect for environmentally friendly and frugal consumers.



Mg2 + technology gives a better taste to water.

Pre- filtration: A fine pre-filtration network prevents larger particles from entering the filter media.

Activated carbon: Fine activated carbon granules provide a huge filtration surface and act like magnets, extracting chlorine and other organic substances from the water.

Ion exchange: Ion exchange resin beads attract scale-forming substances and heavy metals, including lead and copper.


Technical information

Outer housing: PP

Filter material: Activated carbon, Patented Mg2 + ion exchange resin

Suitable for 2.5 and 2.7 liter (BWT) jugs. The cartridge life is 28 days or 120 liters

Dimensions: 264 x 114 x 287 mm

Fits in jugs that take Brita MaxtraTM

Mg2 + Longlife filter (3pcs) - ask for an offer

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